1: Kale - Packed with vitamins A and K, kale is a nutritional powerhouse that supports bone health and boosts immunity.

2: Spinach - Rich in iron and calcium, spinach promotes healthy digestion and helps regulate blood sugar levels.

3: Broccoli - High in fiber and antioxidants, broccoli aids in detoxification and reduces inflammation in the body.

4: Bell Peppers - Loaded with vitamin C, bell peppers support healthy skin and improve heart health.

5: Carrots - A good source of beta carotene, carrots improve eye health and boost the immune system.

6: Sweet Potatoes - Packed with vitamin A and fiber, sweet potatoes enhance brain function and support gut health.

7: Brussels Sprouts - High in vitamins C and K, Brussels sprouts help reduce the risk of chronic diseases and promote healthy bones.

8: Cauliflower - Rich in antioxidants and choline, cauliflower supports brain health and aids in detoxification.

9: Green Beans - Full of vitamins and minerals, green beans support heart health and aid in weight management.