1: Intro to Bicentennial Coins Learn the basics of identifying valuable Bicentennial coins in your collection.

2: Look for Mint Marks Check for mint marks indicating the coin's origin and rarity.

3: Evaluate Coin Condition The condition of a Bicentennial coin can greatly affect its value.

4: Research Historical Significance Understand the historical context to determine the coin's value.

5: Seek Expert Appraisal Consult with a coin expert to accurately assess your collection.

6: Rarity vs. Demand Consider both rarity and demand when valuing Bicentennial coins.

7: Avoid Cleaning Coins Cleaning can damage a coin's value, so handle with care.

8: Store Coins Properly Protect your collection by storing coins in a safe and stable environment.

9: Stay Informed Stay updated on market trends and news to maximize the value of your Bicentennial collection.