1: Calls for Biden to drop out gain momentum as new poll reveals Michelle Obama could defeat Trump in 2024.

2: With increasing pressure on Biden, speculation rises on a potential Michelle Obama vs. Trump showdown.

3: As doubts over Biden's chances grow, survey suggests Michelle Obama as a formidable opponent against Trump.

4: Survey indicates Michelle Obama's popularity could secure victory over Trump in upcoming elections.

5: Biden faces mounting criticism as whispers of Michelle Obama's potential candidacy take center stage.

6: As doubts linger over Biden's re-election bid, Michelle Obama emerges as a strong contender against Trump.

7: Calls for Biden to step down intensify amid growing support for a Michelle Obama presidential run.

8: Survey data points to Michelle Obama as a frontrunner in potential face-off against Trump.

9: Amid calls for Biden to bow out, speculation on Michelle Obama's chances against Trump sparks debate.