1: Aries: Warrior Pose - Energize your body with this dynamic pose that stimulates strength and confidence for Aries.

2: Taurus: Tree Pose - Ground yourself with this balancing pose that connects Taurus to nature and promotes stability.

3: Gemini: Dancer Pose - Embrace your duality with this pose that challenges balance and cultivates focus for Gemini.

4: Cancer: Child's Pose - Find comfort and relaxation in this gentle pose that nurtures emotions and encourages introspection for Cancer.

5: Leo: Lion’s Breath - Unleash your inner roar with this breathing exercise that boosts confidence and releases tension for Leo.

6: Virgo: Corpse Pose - Rest and rejuvenate with this relaxing pose that promotes mental clarity and physical renewal for Virgo.

7: Libra: Partner Yoga - Cultivate harmony and connection with this pose that encourages balance and communication for Libra.

8: Scorpio: Cobra Pose - Embrace transformation with this backbend that activates power and passion for Scorpio.

9: Sagittarius: Archer Pose - Aim for your goals with this pose that inspires adventure and expands your horizons for Sagittarius.