1: The boys' handwriting is messier, smaller, and slanted compared to the photo.

2: They use more cursive writing, have variations in letter sizes, and show more personality in their handwriting.

3: The boys' handwriting has more loops, slants, and flourishes than the photo's clean and precise script.

4: Their writing is more hurried, scribbled, and uneven, showcasing their unique style and individuality.

5: They tend to overlap letters, have more crossed out words, and use different pen colors in their handwriting.

6: The boys' writing has more underlined words, capital letters, and doodles compared to the photo's simplicity.

7: They incorporate more creative elements, signatures, and slang words in their handwriting than the photo example.

8: The boys' handwriting showcases their emotions, energy, and personal flair, setting them apart from the standard photo script.

9: Overall, the boys' handwriting is more expressive, colorful, and dynamic than the photo's straightforward and uniform style.