1: Johnny Manziel's rise to fame as Johnny Football came crashing down, leading to the loss of his NFL career.

2: The once-promising quarterback struggled with off-field issues, nearly costing him his life in the process.

3: Manziel's downward spiral was fueled by substance abuse and legal troubles, overshadowing his on-field talent.

4: Despite being a Heisman Trophy winner, Manziel's personal demons derailed his professional football aspirations.

5: The highs and lows of Manziel's career highlight the dangers of fame and the consequences of reckless behavior.

6: Through therapy and self-reflection, Manziel has worked to rebuild his life and move beyond his past mistakes.

7: Manziel's journey serves as a cautionary tale for aspiring athletes, showcasing the importance of responsibility and accountability.

8: While his NFL career may be over, Manziel continues to strive for personal growth and redemption in his post-football life.

9: Despite the challenges he has faced, Johnny Manziel remains a symbol of resilience and the potential for second chances.