1: Aries - Fiery reds and bold oranges for the fearless and passionate personality of an Aries.

2: Taurus - Earthy tones like warm browns and soft pinks suit the grounded and practical Taurus.

3: Gemini - Dual-toned polishes or versatile nudes reflect the adaptable and social nature of Geminis.

4: Cancer - Soft pastels and shimmering silvers for the nurturing and intuitive Cancer sign.

5: Leo - Vibrant golds and bright yellows to match the confident and charismatic Leo personality.

6: Virgo - Neutrals and muted shades for the organized and analytical Virgo individual.

7: Libra - Soft lavenders and romantic pinks embody the harmonious and balanced spirit of Libras.

8: Scorpio - Dark, mysterious shades like deep purples and blacks for the intense and passionate Scorpio.

9: Sagittarius - Fun and adventurous colors like royal blues and bright purples for the optimistic and energetic Sagittarius.