1: Start your day with nutrient-packed spreads to enhance your nut butter breakfasts.

2: Fuel up with chia seeds, hemp hearts, and flaxseeds for added protein and omega-3s.

3: Boost your breakfast with sliced bananas, berries, or figs for a natural sweetness.

4: Add a crunch to your nut butter toast with pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds.

5: Experiment with different nut butter flavors like almond, cashew, or macadamia for variety.

6: Top your nut butter breakfast with a sprinkle of cinnamon or cacao powder for a delicious twist.

7: Get creative with sliced apples, pears, or peaches for a refreshing addition.

8: Mix in superfoods like goji berries, acai, or spirulina for an extra nutritional boost.

9: Customize your nut butter breakfast with ingredients that suit your taste and dietary needs.