1: Pros: Lions gain a top-tier pass rusher in Judon. Cons: Trading for Judon may cost valuable draft picks.

2: Pros: Judon brings experience and leadership to Lions' defense. Cons: Lions may have to pay a hefty contract extension for Judon.

3: Pros: Judon's versatility adds depth to Lions' defensive schemes. Cons: Adjusting to a new team may take time for Judon.

4: Pros: Judon's presence could elevate Lions' overall defense. Cons: Injuries or performance issues could hinder Judon's impact.

5: Pros: Lions acquire a proven playmaker in Judon. Cons: Lions could struggle to integrate Judon into their system.

6: Pros: Judon's arrival boosts Lions' playoff aspirations. Cons: Judon's departure could leave a void in Lions' defense.

7: Pros: Lions add a key piece to their defensive puzzle with Judon. Cons: Judon's performance may not live up to expectations.

8: Pros: Judon provides Lions with a game-changing edge rusher. Cons: Lions must decide if the price for Judon is worth it.

9: Pros: Lions secure a cornerstone player in Judon for years to come. Cons: The pressure is on Judon to deliver results for the Lions.