1: Introduction Sherlock Holmes IQ allows him to spot the lumberjack in 6 seconds.

2: Sherlock Holmes' Skills His sharp observation skills make him a master detective.

3: The Forest Setting In the dense forest, Sherlock's IQ is put to the test.

4: Finding the Lumberjack In a sea of trees, Sherlock is quick to identify the lumberjack.

5: The Power of Perception Sherlock's keen perception sets him apart from the rest.

6: The Element of Surprise The lumberjack is no match for Sherlock's lightning-fast intellect.

7: Solving the Mystery Sherlock's IQ of 6 seconds leads to a swift resolution.

8: The Legend of Sherlock Holmes His legendary intellect continues to inspire awe.

9: Conclusion Sherlock Holmes' IQ of 6 seconds is unmatched in the world of detection.