1: Prep Your Skin Moisturize and prime before applying makeup to smooth wrinkles and create a flawless base.

2: Focus on Eyes Use creamy eyeshadows and a soft eyeliner to enhance and lift your eyes.

3: Define Brows Fill in sparse brows with a pencil or powder to frame your face and add definition.

4: Conceal Dark Circles Choose a hydrating concealer to brighten under eyes and minimize puffiness.

5: Add a Pop of Color Opt for natural blushes and lip shades to brighten your complexion and add warmth.

6: Blend Well Use a beauty blender or brush to seamlessly blend makeup for a natural look.

7: Set with Powder Lock your makeup in place with a translucent setting powder to prevent creasing.

8: Enhance Lashes Curl lashes and apply mascara for a wide-eyed, youthful appearance.

9: Glow Up Highlight cheekbones and inner corners of eyes with a luminous highlighter for a radiant finish.