1: India's Top Pet Friendly Destinations Explore the best places in India where you can travel with your furry friends.

2: Goa - A pet paradise with beaches and pet-friendly accommodations.

3: Sikkim - Experience the beauty of mountains with your pets by your side.

4: Pondicherry - Known for its French architecture and pet-friendly cafes.

5: Jaipur - Explore the royal city with your pet and enjoy the majestic forts.

6: Coorg - A serene destination where you can unwind with your pets amidst nature.

7: Manali - Perfect for adventure-loving pets with hiking trails and scenic views.

8: Munnar - Tea plantations and cool climate make it an ideal pet-friendly destination.

9: Udaipur - Discover the palaces and lakes of this historic city with your furry companion.