1: Discover the Top 7 Most Hygienic Zodiac Signs. Stay clean and healthy with these star signs.

2: Virgo ranks first in cleanliness. This earth sign takes pride in a spotless home and body.

3: Scorpio's attention to detail keeps them germ-free. This water sign values cleanliness above all.

4: Libras enjoy a tidy environment. This air sign's sense of balance extends to hygiene practices.

5: Capricorn's disciplined nature applies to cleanliness. This earth sign maintains a pristine appearance at all times.

6: Gemini's quick wit matches their speedy hygiene routine. This air sign can't stand dirt and grime.

7: Taurus's love for luxury extends to cleanliness. This earth sign values self-care and hygiene.

8: Pisces's dreamy nature includes a love for cleanliness. This water sign detests messiness and prefers a clean space.

9: Cancer's nurturing instinct translates to hygiene. This water sign takes care of themselves and those around them.