1: El Niño's Impact on Weather Patterns Learn how El Niño affects global weather patterns and when its effects may finally be felt.

2: Understanding El Niño's Cycle Discover the cyclical nature of El Niño events and when the next event is expected to occur.

3: Preparing for El Niño's Arrival Get tips on how to prepare for the potential impacts of El Niño on your region.

4: Signs of El Niño's Approach Learn how scientists monitor and forecast El Niño events to predict its arrival.

5: Historical Impact of El Niño Explore the historical impacts of past El Niño events and how they have shaped our understanding.

6: Global Response to El Niño Discover how countries around the world are working together to mitigate the effects of El Niño.

7: Economic Consequences of El Niño Understand how El Niño can impact economies and industries around the world.

8: Environmental Effects of El Niño Learn about the environmental consequences of El Niño and how they can affect ecosystems.

9: Staying Informed About El Niño Find out where to get the latest updates on El Niño events and how to stay informed.