1: Are you a passionate Aries? You might resonate with fiery G-Dragon, known for his bold style and leadership in KPop.

2: Taurus, are you drawn to the sensual charms of Taemin? His smooth vocals and graceful dance moves might be your vibe!

3: Gemini, versatile and curious like BTS' V, you thrive in creativity and enjoy exploring new experiences in the KPop world.

4: Cancer, emotional and empathetic like Chenle of NCT Dream, you connect deeply with music and express your feelings through singing.

5: Leo, confident and charismatic like BLACKPINK's Jennie, you command attention with your fierce stage presence and undeniable talent.

6: Virgo, detail-oriented and perfectionist like EXO's D.O., you appreciate precision in every performance and strive for excellence in KPop.

7: Libra, harmonious and social like Seventeen's DK, you value balance and beauty in music, bringing a sense of unity to KPop groups.

8: Scorpio, intense and mysterious like IU, you captivate audiences with your alluring vocals and deep emotional connection in your music.

9: Sagittarius, adventurous and optimistic like BTS' J-Hope, you spread joy and inspiration through your energetic performances and positive attitude in the KPop world.